Youth for Seva

Youth 4 jobs in partnership with Youth for Seva has been conducting ‘Disability Sensitisation Workshops’ for employees and Management of IT & ITES companies in and around Hyderabad. As part of this sensitisation, Chess competitions between visually impaired youth and employees have been organised in companies like CSC, Accenture, Oracle, Persistent etc. HR heads of companies were surprised to see the visually impaired youth beat them at chess!
“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”
Many of us volunteer not because we are made to but because we have heart to do it, just to give back our part to the society which has contributed much for our growth. Volunteering is not just confined to certain group likes students ,house wife’s, retired people or people with certain educational background. Its just sharing our part and having the willingness to help.

You can volunteer with us in the following ways:
Happy weekend:Got bored of you daily work life, want to share your knowledge and the same time have fun. Join us for weekend volunteering where you can spend your time teaching English, building life skills of the youth or even a photography workshop. You decide what you want to do and we will assist you.
Volunteer online:Help us writing proposals; write case studies; help in research; digitize our curriculum
Just drop In:Our trainees welcome visitors. So drop in to Jubilee hills, mix with the team and youth and tell us what you can do /contribute. Remember, for us every idea, every contribution is valuable

Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people