Project Bhavishya: Protecting lives on roads for better tomorrow

The Ability People (TAP) was started by a group of spinal cord injured persons headed by Mr. Dilip Patro, Software Engineer and a wheelchair user after SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) in a major road accident

Dilip Patro met with an accident in Nov 1997 on the dreadful night. Badly injured, he was left stranded without any help for 4 dark hours. By-standers are mute spectators are unaware of emergency care to be provided and all are worried about police implication. At early dawn, he was rescued by police on duty and finally managed to get help and got transported to a nearby hospital. Due to unattended and mishandling he suffered from spinal injury, resulting neck down paralyzed. Thus TAP was conceptualised to provide Awareness from prevention to rehabilitation on 3R (Road Safety, Right to Emergency Care for prevention and Rehabilitation actively for (accident victims) SCIP’s) in all over India starting in Visakhapatnam.

TAP has developed a revolutionary concept for road safety/emergency care recognised and supported by various organisations from all over the world. The delivery of APR (Awareness, Prevention and Rehabilitation) project is in line with international conceptions on emergency care, with focus on pre-hospital care/post-hospitalisation and initiation of treatment within the “golden hour”.

In this connection TAP plans to be an integral part of this mission on an expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a 4 wheeler, organizing workshops in 50 selected cities covering all the 29 states for providing awareness on “Project Bhavishya” – 3R (Road Safety, Right to Emergency Care in the golden hour & Rehabilitation Actively for Spinal Injuries).

Hour of need

Implementing road safety in India needs a change in ‘mindset‘ by moving from ‘reactive approaches’ to proactive approaches’.
It requires developing and implementing strong mechanisms for prevention, trauma care and rehabilitation through institutional approaches. It is time to change.

Our approach

In our efforts to make the world’s roads safer,  It was agreed that advocacy is one area in which such initiatives have generated momentum to save lives on the Indian roads. This approach can work effectively, no matter what our resources.

The Ability People founded for Building a better understanding on Awareness from Prevention to Rehabilitation (APR)” on 3R’s (Road Safety, Right to Emergency Care & Rehabilitation actively for accident victims). An independent body to create a measurable and sustainable impact in the lives of Spinal Cord Injured Persons (SCIP’s) in India.

We believe precious lives can be saved in road accidents if police and community volunteers can provide urgent care to victims while rushing them to hospital. Our mission is to enable Bystander care for road accident victims in India by way of awareness prevention and Rehabilitation on 3R’s (Road Safety, Right to Emergency Care & Rehabilitation actively for Persons with Spinal Injuries).

Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people