The Ability People (TAP) is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act and People with Disabilities (PWD) Act. This initiative has been started to bring in positive changes in the life of people with disabilities mainly affected by Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) which requires a comprehensive management with a holistic approach. Additionally, TAP will provide all possible rehabilitation support to PWD affected with other disabling conditions.

The Ability People (TAP) wish to provide treatment and medical screening opportunities for all categories of disabled, adults and seniors who have spine, brain impairments such as mild to moderate developmental disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and autism.

Since 2007, we have taken responsibility for quite a lot of people with special needs and also free and active wheelchair screening camps were conducted for people with cross disability at Vishakhapatnam in and around district.

The Ability People (TAP) has developed a revolutionary concept for Accident Relief in Visakhapatnam, recognised and supported by various organisations from all over the world. The delivery of APR (Awareness, Prevention and Rehabilitation) project is in line with international conceptions on emergency care, with focus on pre-hospital care/post-hospitalisation and initiation of treatment within the “golden hour”. Dilip Patro met with an road traffic accident in Nov 1997 on the dreadful night. Badly injured, he was left stranded without any help for 4 dark hours. By-standers are mute spectators are unaware of emergency care to be provided and all are worried about police implication. At early dawn, he was rescued by police on duty and finally managed to get help and got transported to a nearby hospital. Due to unattended and mishandling he suffered from spinal injury, resulting neck down paralyzed. Thus TAP was conceptualised to provide Awareness, Prevention and Rehabilitation (APR) starting in Visakhapatnam.

TAP was started by a group of spinal cord injury persons headed by the director & founder secretary Mr. Dilip Patro, Software Engineer and a wheelchair user after SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) in a major road accident. SCI, brain Injuries or other permanent disabilities in road accidents or assaults, most of them can be avoided if proper care or first aid is given in time. Bystanders/General public intend to help are not aware of their basic rights in the hour of need and they are scared of police formalities & legal issues. Almost 90% of our registered members are accident victims, resulting in different types of permanent disabilities due to untimely and inappropriate first aid offered. If immediate action taken by the stake holders, coordinating and initiating with ambulance staff in the golden hours within the sixty minutes after the accident can save a life or avert a permanent disability.

To the best of our knowledge, no other organization is currently providing APR in Andhra Pradesh. Many NGOs have wound up the APR operations due to paucity of funds for maintaining the infrastructural setup. TAP networks with national and international NGO’s thereby getting added functional and financial avenues to sustain the cluster and at the same time be instrumental in supplementing each other’s work.

The support from PSU’s and local fund raising forms the backbone of the APR services, provided free of cost to the accident victim. Besides the direct intervention in accidents, TAP undertakes awareness campaigns to sensitise the existing stakeholders and to target more populace through their vehicular sticker campaigns/erecting posters and through distribution of leaflets detailing the emergency contact number in and around visakhapatnam in case of emergency. With support from commissioner of police, Visakhapatnam city, the leaflets also contain the extracts of the laws, which clarify that emergency evacuation should supersede the lodging of any FIRs while also enumerating the duties and responsibilities of the driver of the vehicle as well as the doctors on duty at the hospital at the time the victims are brought in for medical treatment.

In this connection TAP plans to be an integral part of this mission by planning, developing, implementing and evaluating certain below activities:

Toll Free Helpline service: The Ability People (TAP) & Government Of Andhra Pradesh, Department For Welfare Of Disabled & Sr. Citizens launched helpline service on 17th, September 2012 in Andhra Pradesh for Person with Disabilities (PwDs) with the theme “BUILDING A BETTER UNDERSTANDING ON DISABILITY AND ACTIVE REHABILITATION”. Helpline No.: 1800 425 8911

Providing Mobility Aids & Appliances with peer counseling: TAP wants to identify at least 300 disabled persons every year and provide them with active wheel chairs, mobility kits and other accessories to lead a normal life at free of cost. We’ve already setup our wheelchair service center for repair and maintenance

Wheelchair skill training & Sports Club: Since, Jan 2013, we are conducting wheelchair skills & sports every Sunday at B.V.K. College between 6:00 AM TO 8:00 AM on specially designed sports wheelchairs, for sports to highlight the abilities of Persons with Disabilities.

Ability Rehab Center: All the above APR services will be available under one roof at our new upcoming center “ARC (Ability Rehab Center)” We have entered a MoU with GVMC to develop post-hospital rehabilitation center, to provide active rehabilitation to people with disabilities especially spinal cord injury patients along with sports, educational and vocational rehabilitation, beginning in Visakhapatnam. The goal of the center is not just to help patients, but to turn them into helpers of patients themselves. The proposed center will be the first of its kind in the entire Andhra Pradesh.

We are also planning to launch the following shortly:

  • Multipurpose accessible mobile van service.
  • Additionally, a variety of projects will be undertaken to publicise relevant issues. Examples: wheelchair rallies, gatherings at schools and colleges and erection of posters and signboards.
  • Reward to Police Personnel/By stander: In this regard we request the police commissioner, Visakhapatnam to issue an order to all Police stations and mobile Police posts asking them not to subject Good Samaritans who help road victims, to unnecessary and prolonged questioning. We want to further recognize such Police personnel/ by standers for the cause and in fact we are interest such persons for a reward.

“We understood one beautiful thing by helping others. We can be the most memorable one even without a photograph. “

Vishakhapatnam, where we live, brought us many things including this disability. We enjoyed some things; we fought with others and had overcome the deadliest one, the disability. We simply led a comfortable life like many others of our society. Until  we came to know that our life is to outrule the routine and become catalysts to change things; like the many who are suffering , we too had a miserable life when most of us through accidents or some other mishap lost our physical ability to do the routine things.

But you are the ultimate only when you demean the fate. We never discussed our sufferings, maybe because they are not so easy to tell to others. Instead we tried to understand the echo of the same cry all over the world in our reach. We were silent  all the time in groups, so that we can get  to them from their cries. And then it happened; we founded a room for such people to get help and also to those who are willing to help. THE ABILITY PEOPLE (TAP), as we call it, is three years old. Born from a simple idea to help, it took all necessary turns to make itself a strong twine. It is rooted in Vishakhapatnam, which is colloquially called the city of destiny, and has given us an opportunity to change many wrecked destinies.

We started in a small number. We tried to understand the necessity of educating the importance of life and came out with many ideas of how to approach the needy and do the necessary. We strengthened ourselves by the support of some of our friends who in turn uplifted us www.theabilitypeople.com. From then nothing was in our diaries except to make suffering lives shine in our sun.

With open arms and warm regards, we look forward philanthropist to come forward for funding on our proposed Awareness, Prevention and Rehabilitation (APR) project.

On behalf of “The Ability People” we extend you a warm welcome to visit our organization. We earnestly look forward to a positive response from all of you and seeing how we can turn dreams into realities.

Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people