S.Ratna kumar

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S.Ratna kumar an 20 years young adult was brought to the ABILITY PEOPLE and he is unable to walk and stand and unable to balance himself.

His mother S.Akkamma used to carry him as he is unable to do his activities Independently.

At the age of 12 years he fell down from the Bench.

From that day onwards he is unable to stand and there is difficulty in walking and there is difficulty in walking and he complained with a weakness in both upper limb and lower limb.

From past 10 years onwards he is suffering with epilepsy.

Parents went around various hospitals seeking solutions for his physical conditions that arose he was brought to ABILITY PEOPLE and by our therapist and our team have decided to give him physiotherapy treatment.

He was undergone physiotherapy treatment for 2 months in ABILITY PEOPLE.

Combined efforts of the therapist that worked on getting.

Ratna kumar is now able to stand with the help the help of walker and able to do all ADL activities independently.

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Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people