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P.Vilasakumari an 64 years old Female have studied upto 10th and got Married to P.V.V.S Prasad. She was brought to ABILITY PEOPLE and she is unable to walk and stand and she is suffering with a Psychological problem.

At the age of 63 she got stroke and she suffered from Psychological Problem and she got left side paralysis.

She even had relevant medical condition like Diabetes and Hypertension for last 6 years and she also undergone physiotherapy Treatment for Past 1 year.

Seeking solutions and complications that arose they have approached ARC and Our Senior Physiotherapist and Team have suggested Intensive Acute Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for 21 days in ARC.

As she has bilateral polyneuropathy going through a complete Rehabilitation of 21 days like passive movements, Strengthening exercises Wheel chair Techniques and Transfer Techniques.

Over a period of time she is able to stand with the help of Tilt table, she is able to sit with the help of physioball, she is provided with improving in her activities of daily living having being provided with active wheel chair she is able to move outside with help of motor and casual wheel chair and also improved her short sitting and long sitting without support.

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Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people