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P.Hymavathi an 30 years old adult completed her graduation in M.A Telugu. She was brought to ABILITY PEOPLE and she is unable to walk and stand, weakness in both upper and lower limbs

. Two months back before bringing her to the ABILITY centre. While going to the bathroom she fell down from the commode.

From that day she is unable to stand and there is difficulty in walking and she complained with a weakness in both upper limb and lower limb.

Parents on seeking from others have approached ABILITY PEOPLE and consulted our senior physiotherapist for an opinion and requested to visit their home for an Advice.

Our senior physiotherapist Miss P.Priyanka visited clients home personally and suggested for a planned Therapy for 3 weeks.

She was diagnosed as quadriperesis going through a complete physiotherapy Treatment for 6 days with electrical stimulation and walking with the help of walker to make her walk individually.

After the ARC has reviewed the progress the team has decided to admit her as an inpatient for physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and round the clock observation.


Now she is walking without any support.


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Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people