Behara sai kiran

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Behara sai kiran an 18 year young male have been pursuing intermediate, he have been brought to the ABILITY PEOPLE and he is unable to walk and stand and both his lower limbs were paralyzed.

Kiran had met with in road traffic accident resulting in spinal cord injury (paraplegia) both his lower limbs are paralyzed after which he was admitted in Queens NRI Hospital and an doctors advice he was referred to post hospitalization Rehabilitation centre.

He has undergone surgery and her parents seeking doctors advice have approached ARC and have consulted our senior physiotherapist seeking solutions about his physical conditions miss P.Priyanka have consulted and planned for 21 days physiotherapy treatment and admitted him as inpatient going through a complete Rehabilitation of 21 days with stimulation, balancing exercises, passive movements, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Over a period of time 10 days the therapist make him walk individually with the support of walker and KAFO having being provided with the best Rehabilitation.

Kiran have gained lot of confidence that he walk independently

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Yes i want to support ability people
Yes i want to support ability people